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Retrospec Beaumont City Step-Thru 7s
The Retrospec Beaumont 7s Step Thru is the perfect urban commuter and weekend getaway machine. Designed to be comfortable with lots of thoughtful components, the Beaumont City Bike is a joy to ride, and you’ll want to make it become part of your normal routine before long. Check out all the great features below: Step-thru frame The step-thru frame gives this bike a tastefully classic style while also making it incredibly easy to hop on and off. The step-thru frame design is great for riders of all heights and wardrobes, so whether you’re wearing pants or a dress you’ll be as graceful as ever. Upright position The handlebars on this model are raised so your seated position is comfortable and upright, allowing you to see the road better as well as saving your back from some unnecessary bending. 7 speeds Having the ability to change gears can be crucial to an enjoyable ride. If you’re going into the wind or over a hill, you’ll appreciate the ability to make pedaling easier so you can get to your destination without sweating up a storm. Chain guard Greasy bike chains have ruined many a nice pair of pants, so Retrospec added a chain guard to this model so you can focus on having fun without worrying about marking up your clothes. Fenders The stylish fenders on this model make riding that much more enjoyable. When your shoes and clothes are protected from dirt and rain from the road, you’ll always be able to look and feel your best. Rear rack Sometimes you need to take a few things with you, and a backpack doesn’t always cut it. If you want to avoid a sweaty back then you’ll love being able to attach a bag and your gear to the included rear rack. Besides all the above benefits, you’ll appreciate the control you get from the alloy brakes that you can always rely on to come to a controlled stop. You’ll also like the 700 x 35c tires that are wide enough for great stability and balance yet fast-rolling enough to help you zoom around town.
Retrospec Beaumont Step-Thru City Bike 7s
Wear any outfit with our step-thru frame Whether you're riding to the office in a skirt or riding to the park in shorts, our elegantly arched easy-mount frame makes biking comfortable in whatever you're wearing. With custom fenders, a sturdy back rack, and a handy bell included, we've made each ride as pleasant as possible. Coast smoothly and stop on a dime Run over bumps? Glide gently with cushiony 700x35c shock-absorbing tires that grip the road tightly. Change gears with the flick of your wrist A safer ride is at your fingertips-literally. Beaumont sports a robust Shimano 7-speed derailleur and RevoShift grip shifters, so you can change gears while keeping your palms on the handlebars and your eyes on the road.
Retrospec Atlas 21s
Take a load off Atlas' sporty, aerodynamic frame design supports an upright riding position to reduce strain on your back. Constructed from 6061 aluminum, this lightweight bike is perfect for weekend treks across your city or squeezing in a quick workout before dinner plans. Quick and easy gear changes Atlas' Shimano Tourney 21-speed drivetrain is equipped to handle your hilliest rides. Easily switch gears and tackle steep inclines and flat sprints with a flick of your wrist. Work it out Atlas has your back at every sharp corner, quick stop, or steep hill that comes your way. We added Shimano Revo twist shifters for easy gear transitions, puncture-resistant tires to protect from debris, and linear-pull brakes on machined brake tracks for extra-responsive stopping.
Retrospec Mantra 7s
Tackle your urban commute Shimano SL-TX30 7S Thumb Shifter Plus is equipped to handle hills, trails, and city streets with ease. With that multi-speed drivetrain, you can get up hills and trails better and faster with less exertion and exhaustion. Keeps dirt and grime out What is a "sealed cartridge bearing hub", you ask? Only the best thing since sliced bread (although, bread is pretty great). Sealed cartridge bearing hubs are a game-changer for any city rider. This feature protects delicate parts of your bike from damage that can be caused by gunk in the road. They also require less maintenance compared to their loose bearing counterparts. An impressively smooth ride Front and rear aluminum alloy brakes give you more control and more robust stopping power. 700 x 32c all-season tires lay a perfect foundation for an impressively smooth ride, even on slick or uneven roads. This is the ultimate commuting machine.
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