Carbon Fiber Bike Frame Repair

Can you fix a Carbon fiber bike that is cracked or broken?

Yes, you can! The process of repairing a carbon fiber bike frame that is cracked, damaged, or split is to lay new carbon fibers and epoxying them in the same direction as the original fibers.  The end result is a stronger bicycle frame than the original build at a negligible weight gain.

We've helped tons of folks in our local and massive California cycling community (We're located in Rialto, CA) get back on the road after their bicycle frames sustained damage.  Our customers were really excited about the quality of the work, on both the actual frame repair and the finish quality of the paint job.  You can see example jobs below.

broken Chainstay


Repainted and Repaired carbon Frame

After (With New Paint Job)

Carbon Bike Frame Repair Broken Top Tube

Before (Broken Top Tube)

Carbon Bike Frame Repair After Shot. Notice the beautiful Paint Job

After (With Killer Paint Job)

Carbon Fiber Frame Repair Pricing

Teardown / Buildup - $250

We'll remove all components from your frame in order to complete the repair and then professionally build your bike after the repair is completed.

If you ship us just the frame, this fee will be waived.

Carbon Fiber Frame Repair - $400 - $700

The price is determined by the type and severity of the break. and complexity of paint scheme.

Carbon Fiber Bike Frame Repairs

Do you need to get your carbon fiber bike frame repaired?  Are you wondering if it is possible to get that crack in your frame repaired?

Cracks Happen

Carbon Fiber frames offer so many upsides for biking.  They're lightweight, stiff, and in many ways, super strong.  They can crack, break or fail though if the frame gets dinged in the wrong place, or if you were just unlucky.  

Recent Frame Repairs include:

  • Cracked Downtubes
  • Damaged Top Tubes
  • Cracked Seatstays and Broken Chainstays
  • Cracked Headtubes
  • Damage sustained due to Car Rack Snafus.

Let's Do This Fix My Bike

Carbon Fiber Bike Frame Repair Process


Email Pics of your frame damage to and we'll let you know how much it will cost to repair.


If you want to move forward with the repair, we ask for a down payment of 1/2 of the repair up-front to get you in the queue.


ship either your bike or frame to us:
co Frame Repairs
Don's Bicycles
384 S Riverside Ave,
Rialto, CA  92376

We recommend you use Bike Flights Round Trip Shipping Service.


We'll fix your frame and even paint the repaired section with a 2-6 week turnaround.

We'll strip down your bike if you ship us your complete bike, make the carbon fiber repair, repaint, rebuild your bike, and we'll send you pics when we're done.


Once we take payment for the final 1/2 we ship your bike back to you.


After you get your bike back, you'll have to reassemble yourself or have a professional bike mechanic assemble it for you.

Carbon Frame Repair FAQ's

How does Payment Work?

Great Question! We ask for 1/2 of the total up-front and the other 1/2 is due before we ship it back to you

How much weight will the repair process add to my frame?

We typically see negligible weight gain with an average of less than 12g of additional weight.

How will my bike ride when you're done?

We line up the carbon fibers in the same direction as your frame and keep the same shape as your frame thus leading to a ride that is the same as before the frame damage occurred.

What types of Frames and Brands can you fix?

If it's a Carbon frame and it's broken we can fix it.  We routinely repair all types of frames (Mountain Bikes Road Bikes and Cyclocross bikes).  We also repair all brands of carbon frames.

Do you repair Carbon Fiber Bike Parts?

That is another great question and the answer is no, we don't.  We don't fix carbon fiber seat posts, cranks, wheels, and handlebars because the replacement cost of the part is often far lower than the cost of repair.  We say go for the new part in that situation.  We don't repair wheels (even though the replacement cost is higher than the repair) because the forces exerted on the rim and the need to get the wheel balanced perfectly preclude a carbon fiber repair.

What is the typical Turnaround to get my Bike frame Back?

Depending on our workflow we average 2-6 weeks to get you your frame back.  

Is Repainting the frame included in the price?

When you send us pics of the bike, we'll respond with an estimate that is determined by (among other factors) the complexity of the paint scheme that needs to be repainted.  Our paint jobs rock.

Is the Carbon Fiber Frame Repair Strong?

So glad you asked! The section that we repair will be stronger than the rest of your bike's frame.