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Sunday Bikes

Sunday Bikes

Explore Sunday Bikes at Don's Bicycles in Rialto and Redlands, CA

Sunday Bikes has been innovating BMX since 2005 with the release of the Thier Triumph Bars and the morning Forks. Since then they've dropped a new frame, bike , or technology each year that has changed the way we think about BMX Bikes.  One thing is for certain, if you live, breathe, and dream about riding BMX, you'll love Sunday Bikes.  

GOT Questions? Want a Custom Sunday BMX Build?

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Sunday Soundwave Frame
Sunday’s Soundwave frame may be the strongest frame in BMX. The Features List alone reads like a tutorial on the advancements in BMX frame design. For starters, it uses Sunday’s proven Wave top and down tubes that shrug off impacts that dent competitor’s frames, significantly weakening them. The boxed chainstays also resist denting while allowing for a shorter rear end and clearance for bigger rubber. Meanwhile, hollow dropouts with integrated chain tensioners get that rear wheel dialed, and post-weld machining of both head tube and bottom bracket shell means your bearings fit and seat perfectly, a must if you’re asking as much from your frame as Gary Young does. And, to top it all off, the Soundwave is 41 Thermal heat-treated, which adds so much strength and durability that Sunday offers a lifetime warranty on the frame! We could go on and on, but it’s probably better that you just pick one up, ride it for yourself, and see what the pinnacle of BMX technology can do for you. - Top tube lengths: 20.75", 21", and 21.25" - Head tube angle: 75 degrees - Seat tube angle: 71 degrees - Chainstay length: 13.5" - 13.75" - Bottom bracket height: 11.5" - Standover: 9" - Tire clearance: 2.4" - Weight: 4.87 lbs.
Sunday MotoRoss V2 Frame
Sunday asked their rider, Aaron Ross, what he’d like to see in his new signature model, the MotoRoss. He said he wanted a frame with a traditional look, steep and responsive headtube angle, and a clean-looking integrated headset, all at a more affordable price. Sunday came through big. The custom-drawn top tube and down tube are dimensioned to handle massive front triangle stresses, while the downtube is internally butted to eliminate the need for additional gussets at the head tube. This means you get a lightweight, traditional-looking frame that can handle all the punishment you can throw at it. And, for extra peace of mind, it has a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and a 3-year limited frame damage warranty. - Top tube lengths: 20.75" & 21" - Head tube angle: 75° - Seat tube angle: 71° - Chainstay length: 13.25" slammed - Bottom bracket height: 11.5" - Standover (c-to-c): 8.8" - Tire clearance: 2.4" - Weight: 5 lbs
Sunday Street Sweeper Frame
Sunday rider, Jake Seeley's signature frame is a perfect complement to his progressive, technical street riding style. The Sunday Street Sweeper evolves directly from Jake’s original Broadcaster frame by using shorter chain stays, a steeper head tube angle, a taller bottom bracket, and smaller hollow dropouts with integrated chain tensioners. Built with versatility in mind, the Street Sweeper features removable u-brake hardware and Gyro tabs. The frame’s front triangle makes use of traditional round MotoRoss-style top and down tubes with proven internal gusseting and a clean, traditional look. - Top tube lengths: 20.75" or 21" - Head tube angle: 75.25 degrees - Seat tube angle: 71 degrees - Chainstay length: 12.70-13” - Bottom bracket height: 11.7” - Standover: 8.8” - Tire clearance: 2.4” - Head tube length: 4.7” - Weight: 5 lbs
Sunday Excelsior Frame
Sunday’s Excelsior, Mark Burnett's signature frame, features a progressive geometry that matches his technical east coast riding style. It’s set up with short chainstays, a taller bottom bracket, longer head tube, and smaller, hollow dropouts with integrated chain tensioners. Despite these features, simplicity rules on the Excelsior, so it’s built without anything unnecessary, like u-brake hardware or Gyro tab holes. The frame’s front triangle uses MotoRoss-style top tube and down tube that rock street-proven internal gusseting. All this gives you that super-clean look while keeping the frame lightweight and delivering heavy-duty durability day-after-day. - Top tube lengths: 20.75" & 21" - Head tube angle: 75 degrees - Seat tube angle: 71 degrees - Chain stay length: 13.25-13.5” - Bottom bracket height: 11.8” - Standover: 9” - Tire clearance: 2.4” - Head tube length: 5” - Weight: 5 lbs
Sunday Model C3 24
The Sunday Model C3 features Sunday's influential 24” geometry riders have grown to love, at a sweeter price point. It’s quick, responsive, stable, comfortable, and feels like a Sunday 20” BMX frame, but bigger! Build it to stretch out a little and relax while still having the chops to string together a sick mid-cruise session. - Top tube length: 22" - Chainstay length: 14.6" slammed - Bottom bracket height: 13.75" - Head tube angle: 74.5 degrees - Seat tube angle: 71 degrees - Standover: 9.75"
Sunday Radocaster 18
The Radocaster 18” frame and fork are built around Sunday’s proven and respected 18” complete bike geometry. The frame’s technical features are based on the Radocaster 20” frame. These features include: 8mm hollow dropouts, full chromoly throughout, removable braking hardware, and famous Sunday build features like a miter-cut top tube and reinforcing gusset at the down tube/head tube junction. The fork has a one-piece, integrated headset-ready steerer tube, full-chromoly construction throughout, and a responsive 25mm fork rake that has a perfect feel for smaller riders when paired with the frame’s 74.5-degree head tube. Light in weight and affordable in price: perfect for up-and-coming riders. - Top tube length: 18.5" - Head tube angle: 74.5° - Seat tube angle: 71° - Chainstay length: 11.75-12.00” - Bottom bracket height: 10.35” - Standover: 7.5” - Weight: 4.68 lbs (frame only)
Sunday Radocaster Frame
Sunday’s Radocaster is designed to introduce new riders to Sunday frame features at an affordable price. It comes with many of the features that you’ll find on Sunday’s other aftermarket frames, like hollow dropouts and removable brake hardware. These help make it one of the best frames that you can buy for under $300. - Top tube length: 20.5 / 20.75 / 21” - Head tube angle: 75° - Seat tube angle: 71° - Chainstay length: 13.25-13.50” - Bottom bracket height: 11.5” - Standover: 9” - Weight: 5.2 lbs
Sunday Thundercoaster Rear Wheel
Sunday brings you a reliable, high-function rear wheel with their Thundercoaster. It’s laced up with their popular Thunder Rim, a welded, double-wall rim specifically built to be as affordable as possible while maintaining an excellent combination of strength and weight. At the center of the action is a freecoaster hub with the same KHE clutch internals used industry-wide to complete a reliable, smooth-spinning wheel with the durability you demand.
Sunday Octave Forks
$134.99 - $154.99
Octave Forks are the next evolutionary step from Sunday’s Morning 2.1 forks. They’ve improved the steer tube, refined the leg shape, and redesigned the dropouts to keep the end of the fork out of the way during grinds. The Octave is lighter and stronger with custom seamless, tapered, butted,and specially formed leg tube shaping, all backed by a 41 Thermal lifetime warranty against bending and breaking. It comes ready to cut and install with a 7075-T6 pre-load bolt. - Axle slots: 3/8-inch - Dropout thickness: 4mm - Offset: 32mm - Weight: 1 lb. 15 oz. (uncut, w/pre-load bolt)
Sunday Storm Cassette Rear Hub
Sunday’s Storm cassette hub features a low-flange design with precision sealed cartridge bearings and 14mm chromoly center axle. It is secured to the frame with 3/8-inch axle bolts that have both 17mm wrench flats and 6mm Allen wrench sockets. The Storm uses a sealed 9T chromoly driver to send your power to the rear wheel. - Female axle with 3/8-inch chromoly bolts - Low-flange design - RHD - 36-hole
Sunday Manhandle Bars
$79.99 - $89.99
Grow up, kid, with Sunday’s Manhandle Bar. This is a big bar for bigger riders. But, just because it stands taller than the rest doesn’t mean it’s flexy. That’s because it’s built with weight-saving multi-butted tubing, using a stout, 7/8 crossbar that gives it the strength you need to pull off big tricks again and again. And, with a lifetime warranty that comes with the 41 Thermal heat treatment process, you have the confidence to go big when others just go home. - Height: 9.75 inches - Width: 29 inches - Backsweep: 12 degrees - Upsweep: 4 degrees - Weight: 2.34 lbs.
Sunday Saker V2 Cranks
$59.99 - $89.99
The Saker Crank is an affordable, yet burly 3-piece crank with tubular chromoly arms featuring a single pinch-bolt design. It uses a hardcore, 19mm chromoly spindle with 8 splines for easy setup-and-forget-it strength. The crank includes a 19mm Mid BB with spacers and comes in both RHD- and LHD-compatible versions. - Material: Tubular chromoly 3-piece - Arm Length: 175mm, 165mm, and 155mm - Spindle Type: 8 spline - Spindle Size: 19mm - Drive: RHD and LHD
Sunday Street Sweeper Bar
Jake Seeley is a bona-fide tech street wizard, so of course he should have his very own bars to aid in the wizardry. Enter Sunday’s Street Sweeper 4-piece Bar. This bar is post-weld heat-treated, which allows Sunday to back it up with a warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Plus, the 4-piece design turns heads on the street while you perfect your flow. - Height: 9 inches - Width: 29 inches - Backsweep: 12 degrees - Upsweep: 3 degrees - Weight: 2.19 lbs.
Sunday Knox Sprocket
$49.99 - $59.99
Most of the Sunday team has been riding guard sprockets for a long time, so it was just a matter of time before they made their own. The Knox sprocket is made of 7075 aluminum and comes with a full guard on one side of the sprocket. It’s designed to fit larger chains like half-link chains so it’s compatible with any BMX drivetrain you have or want. It’s made super strong and will help protect your chain from being hit when slipping off a rail or messing up on a crankslide. - Machined out of 7075 aluminum - Full guard on one side of the sprocket - Designed to fit larger chains like half-link chains - 6mm thick
Sunday Thunder Rim
With their Thunder Rim, Sunday set out to create a welded, double-wall rim that was as simple as possible to manufacture, and therefore, as affordable as possible. But, it still had to have an excellent combination of strength and weight. They nailed it. The Thunder Rim is both reliable and lightweight, and it comes from the same designers who brought you the proven rim designs from Odyssey and G-Sport. - Material: 6061 aluminum - Construction: Double wall - Joint: Welded - Drilling: 36 holes
Sunday Cornerstone Glass Seat
Sunday's Cornerstone Glass design may or may not have something to do with the time Mark Burnett broke the window in the Sunday van. Regardless, it looks great, and this saddle will keep you comfy and stylish. Available in Pivotal and Tripod versions.
Sunday Storm Front Hub
Sunday’s Storm front hub features a low-flange aluminum hub shell with female chromoly axle and precision sealed bearings. It uses 3/8-inch chromoly axle bolts that include 17 mm wrench flats and 6mm allen wrench tightening options. - Female axle with 3/8-inch chromoly bolts - Low-flange design - 36-hole
Sunday Tiger Tie-Dye Seat
Sunday flipped Jake Seeley’s popular Tiger Tie Dye seat into these purple and green versions. The brainchild of Jake Seeley, this sublimated seat features a Tiger Stripe Camo with a Purple or Green Tie Dye fill. They’re all based around Sunday’s popular Cloud seat size and shape, which features larger padding that wraps around the wider base. It rocks plastic bumpers, both nose and tail for durability.
Sunday Tripod Post and Cornerstone Seat Kit
Take guesswork out of seats and posts. Sunday presents their Cornerstone Cloud seat and 135mm Tripod post together in a single kit at a great price. The post is 135mm long, and the seat is their cloud seat with a classy, subtle Sunday Cornerstone Logo debossed across the back.
Sunday Watercolor Seat
Sunday's Watercolor Seat will add a splash of color to your rig, while delivering the specs you look for in a seat. It's based around Sunday’s popular Cloud seat size and shape, which features larger padding that wraps around the wider base. It rocks plastic bumpers, both nose and tail for durability.
Sunday Spiro Pivotal Seat
Sunday's Spiro Pivotal Seat is super fat and comfy, designed for gripping during barspins. The pivotal design makes it lightweight and simple to install, while the Spiro cover design is both stylish and functional, offering a little extra grip for tech tricks. And, there’s a custom Sunday logo Pivotal access patch as well as Sunday's Cornerstone logo across the backside.
Sunday Pivotal Seat Post
Sunday's Pivotal Seatpost uses a traditional straight-up pivotal design. It looks good in black, keeps your seat where you want it, and takes a beating — everything you need in a seatpost.
Sunday Street Sweeper Tire
$22.99 - $29.99
Sunday’s Street Sweeper is Jake Seeley's signature tire, and for good reason. This directional tire uses a dual compound to be super grippy and still withstand any abuse you can give it. The center tread features a softer durometer for sticking tough landings, while the side tread offers a harder, grind-friendly durometer to handle dirty street sessions day in and day out. - 100 PSI max
Sunday Headset
The Sunday BMX headset is a quality headset at an affordable price: period. It offers one of the lower stack heights on the market and uses a Campagnolo standard spec for 1-1/8-inch integrated headsets. - 45º tapered bearings with 41.8mm outer diameter to fit 42mm BMX head tubes - Compatible with Odyssey GTX Gyro, GTX-R, GTX-S and Snafu Mobeus. - Comes with matching 3mm and 5mm spacers - Weight with/without spacers: 2.1/2.3 oz.
Sunday Half Link Chain
Sunday's traditional Half-Link Chain provides maximum adjustability to fine tune rear wheel position. It uses durable hardware throughout to hold up under frequent punishment, with a nickel finish to keep it rust-free and looking sharp.
Sunday Lightning Rim
Sunday's Lightning Rim is a single-wall rim that can hang all day with more expensive double wall rims. The added strength is found in the rim’s extra-thick sidewalls, flat-top bead hooks, and geometry cues taken directly from pricier rim designs. The Lightning Rim offers great performance at an exceptional price, and it comes from the same designers that create proven rim designs for Odyssey and G-Sport.
Sunday Seeley PC Peg
Sunday's Seeley PC Peg is Jake Seeley's signature peg. This 4.5-inch peg features a full Aluminum Alloy core with a proprietary plastic blend sleeve for silky smooth grinds on all surfaces. - Fits 14mm axle, 3/8-inch with included adapter - Plastic replacement sleeves sold separately - Pegs Sold individually
Sunday Current Tires 16-inch
$14.99 - $15.99
The Current Tire has a grippy, directional tread pattern, good shape, and generous width. It’s an affordable tire designed to make it easier for beginner riders to upgrade their bike and keep existing riders riding!
Sunday Pipe Peg
Sunday’s Pipe Pegs slide handrails for days and icepick like none other. They’re burly, reliable, and come in always-stylish black. - 14mm with 3/8" adapter - Sold individually
Sunday Cornerstone Grips
Sunday's Cornerstone Grips rock traditional styling, current branding, and come in at 150mm in length with plenty of color options. It's not a bad idea to keep an extra pair around.
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