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Pure Fix

Pure Fix was where we began.

Our answer for men and women of all ages who want to hop on their bike to run errands, ride with their friends and family, commute to work or school, or just get a little exercise! These fixies are the bikes that started it all and kicked off our mission to get more people on two wheels. Now, it’s our best-selling line! Speed, style, and affordability make these bikes the perfect storm of awesome whether you’re starting out, getting back into biking after a few years away, or just want to get a feel for riding a fixed-gear! 

Low Maintenance | Easy to Upgrade | Flip Flop Hub

The Pure Fix Original

Because, let’s face it, there are a ton of ways to get around, but none deliver the same pleasure as pedaling. And because riding is the best part of owning a bike, we work to keep things simple and headache free. We’re all about making riding more fun and convenient than the alternatives. And we know that all cities aren’t created equally. Even the twin cities are fraternal as opposed to identical, and no one knows the specifics of their streets better than the folks that flourish there.