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Electra Bikes

Electra bikes began with the goal of improving the classic American cruiser bike. They have brought stylish, comfortable, fun-to-ride bikes into the hands of countless riders who enjoy the practicality and individuality of a well made bike.

With a bunch of unique designs, the now world famous brand offers its customers the ability to choose a bike that suits their style and personality. Check out our guide to the top Electra models, and find the perfect fit for you and your life.


Electra Kids'' Bikes

Electra kids'' bikes make us wish we were young again. The eye-catching designs look cool enough for any youngster, and Electra''s Flat Foot Technology lets kids feel comfortable and confident. No more awkward balancing on tip toes because your little rider will be able to put his or her feet on the ground at all times. You''ll love how well-built these kids bike come, and they''ll love the fun and freedom you get from riding your bike.


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Electra Townie Go! Electric Bikes

Electra''s Townie Go! e-bikes are the perfect combination of style and power. You get all the good looking features of Electra''s best selling bike, but with an added boost that will having your gliding up hills and zipping around town effortlessly. The Bosch Active System provides 4 levels of assist so you always have the right amount of help as you go. 


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Electra Townie Bikes

The Electra Townie is the brand''s best selling bike, and it''s also one of the best sellers in the country. With an open design that keeps you balanced and comfortable, the Townie is a bike you can ride all day long with a smile. Their patented Flat Foot Technology gives you proper leg extension and the ability to put your feet firmly on the ground at the same time. Plus, you can pick from some great colors and designs that highlight your personal style.


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Electra Cruiser Bikes

The cruiser bike is truly an American classic, and Electra was founded on the idea that they could make that bike even better. Electra''s cruisers are the ultimate in comfort and style, and they''re perfect for heading to the beach and riding the boardwalk. Flat Foot Technology and slack geometry keep your body open and comfortable, and nice wide tires add to the cushion and balance. With plenty of designs and colors to choose from, you can find a cruiser that fits your unique style. 

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