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Cannondale Bikes At Don's Bicycles

Don's Bicycles is the Inland Empire's biggest + best Cannondale dealer

Cannondale has come a long way since its founding in a crowded loft above a pickle factory in 1971. It's story, is one filled with innovations.  Whether it was the first bike trailer, the bugger, the first bicycle built from oversized aluminum frames beginning with its touring bike in 1983, or the industry's first dual suspension mountain bike (the Delta V), Cannondale has been at the forefront of innovation.

This innovation has been fueled by its amazing racing teams that have captured countless world cup racing titles as well as 5 out of the last 14 Giro d'Italia titles. And the best part is that all of this award winning technology has trickled down into every bike that Cannondale produces whether it is your little tyke's first bike, or your new favorite CAADX Cyclocross race bike.

Choose a Category:


Cannondale Mountain Bikes

Whether you're looking for a 650B bike for riding your favorite singletrack trails, a full suspension bike for your next trip to a mountain bike park or a world cup cross-country bike that is feather light and podium ready, we've got you covered.

29" (29er)
Mountain Bikes

Cannondale has been a huge proponent of the 29er revolution and we know you'll love the Cannondale ride.

650B or 27.5"
Mountain Bikes

Meet the 650B or your new mountain bike. You'll love these Cannondale bikes for how efficient, fast, and tenaciously they grip the trail. 

27.5" Plus + 29" Plus
Mountain Bikes

You love your 29er or your 650B, but want a more grip and a little better trail performance? This segment could be for you.

Front Suspension

This category is for you if you ride mainly singletrack and want something that's lighter, stiff, and simpler.

Full Suspension

You love gravity, descending, or maybe your back isn't what it used to be. You'll love these full suspension bikes that crush big hits, washboards, and rocky rides too.

Fat Bikes

You want versatility?  You'll love Cannondale Fat Bikes for your bikepacking adventures or for your next ride in the snow, sand or anything soft.  


Cannondale Road Bikes

Cannondale road bikes, based on 35 years of award winning aluminum (CAAD) and Carbon Fiber frames, intelligent component choices for your drivetrain and cockpit, and the legendary Cannondale Ride, are ready for you to come ride for yourself.  

Light + stiff race bikes, versatile endurance and gravel grinder bikes that deliver a compliant ride for all day comfort, and touring bikes that are built to explore your continent on a fully loaded tour.

Race + Sport Road Bikes

Whether you want to crush your friends in your next Strava battle, or want to climb away from the pack, these bikes are right for you.

Endurance + Gravel Bikes

Endurance + Gravel Bikes are amazing because they are road bikes that can do more.  They can carry more gear, have a longer more comfortable geometry, and improved tire clearance for your next gravel grinder or bikepacking adventure.

Touring Bikes

Go farther than you every thought you could on a Cannondale Touring Bike.  Super strong wheels, perfect balance, and thoughtfully selected components are perfect for your next tour across California or North America.


Cannondale Pavement Bikes
Hybrid, City, Commuter,  & Fitness Bikes

You love to ride bikes, but you're not into the skinny shorts.  You want a high quality and dependable bike for cruising around town, and commuting to work, but don't want to be hunching over too much while doing it.  If this sounds like you, you'll love these smart bikes from Cannondale.

Hybrid Bikes

Plush saddles, Upright riding position with standover height to make it easy to get on and off make this a great choice if you want to incorporate cycling into an active lifestyle.

City + Commuter Bikes

The legendary Bad Boy and other killer urban bikes for riding in town to commute by bike to school or work.

Fitness Bikes

We love Cannondale's hugely popular Quick lineup.  They're perfect for you if you want to ride fast, but in a more comfortable position than a road bike with drop bars.


Cannondale Tandems

If you and your sweetie are looking for a high quality tandem that is built for serious cyclists you will love Cannondale's light and stiff tandem bikes. Whether you like to ride off-road or are want to race across America Cannondale's Legendary tandems are right for you.

Cannondale Mountain Tandem 29er  

Cannondale Tandems have always been revered among the two-up crowd for their low weight, durability, and precise, flex-free handling. So grab a partner and enjoy the ride on your favorite singletrack. 

Cannondale Road Tandem

Share the ride with Cannondale's Road Tandem 2. This two-seater is ideal for companionship on the road, setting a blistering pace on group rides, and general road-riding fun! It uses oversize aluminum tubing that's extremely lightweight yet laterally stiff.


Cannondale Kid's Bikes

Cannondale Kid's Bikes are a perfect fit for your family if your kids love to ride. High-quality and lighter weight kid's bikes that Cannondale calls "Kid Correct" with geometries, saddles and colors that are just right.

Balance Bikes

Get em started right with a light and durable Cannondale Balance bike.

12" Kid's Bikes

Graduate from a balance bike to a 12" bike so they can use their first two wheeler with our without training wheels.

16" Kids Bikes

Get your 4-6 year old cooking with gas on their 16" kid's bike.  

20" BMX + Kid's Mountain Bike

these 20' ki's bikes are perfect for your growing 6-9 year old kids who love to ride to school or on singletrack.

24" Kid's Bikes

Your 9-12 year olds will love these mountain bikes for some serious fun out on your local Singletrack trails. They'll love the Quick lineup for fast rides on pavement.