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Don's Bicycles - About Us

Don McAfee started Don’s Bikes on April 1, 1959 in a small “hole in the wall” building in Rialto, California.  The shop quickly developed a reputation of providing quality service, fair prices, and a passion for helping people of all ages realize their cycling dreams.

Don’s son Scott grew up in the business and shared his father’s love for bikes and people.  Scott had just turned 18 when his father passed away while riding his bike home and he made the decision to continue the “Don’s Bikes” legacy.  The business grew, and after multiple relocations and expansions, Don’s opened a beautiful Redlands store in the spring of 2012.  Today Don’s Bikes has 2 locations, over 20 employees and hundreds of bikes to choose from.  All employees are passionate about cycling and want to give you the best bike shop experience you’ve ever had! Let us help make your cycling dreams come true!

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Don's Bicycles of Rialto

Don's Bicycles of Redlands

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